Okay I haven't updated our site in awhile! So I updated new pictures and whatnot. We sold off a bunch of single gene females such as the yb, pastel and cinny. We are trying to focus on a small collection with only double genes or rare genes. The heavy load is too much with school and work. So we are trying to keep it on the small side. But hopefully during the summer we work enough to buy some really nice morphs! And we are also waiting on our female normal to lay her eggs. Today is day 34. A picture of the clutch will be posted once she lays.
We finally got our male lemonblast in! Well, Kelly did. It's too cold up here so he was shipped to Kelly. He is so gorgeous and may be the best blast we've seen! Just look at that head! We get him the 18th when we go to Phoenix for the Phoenix Reptile Expo. We will throw him in the light tent when we get home for some good pictures. Ahh so excited!!
This seems to be my motto all week. Came home from vacation to find my only blue male rat dead. The reason: turns out I had a double rex male who finally started molting. We also didn't get a single spider from our spider male (banner photo) that we sold months ago. Instead there are some gorgeous morphs in that clutch of Kelly's that we may get and... a black pastel ringer! Finally, not snake related, I didn't get a job right away up here because Home Depot was waiting for me. I'm already headed to bigger and better things. So everything has it's reason, even though you may not know it yet.

PS- I noticed the font was too small, so I went bigger! :)

Well our setup is definitely not working for us. The change in weather from Phoenix to Flagstaff and not having more heat has caused alot of our balls to refuse. Kelly said they think it's winter and they're fasting. I wouldn't doubt it! So some of our females might get sent to her so they can grow. January we may have to find a new apartment with a separate bedroom for these guys. We need some AP racks in this place! On the other hand, our rats are thriving... go figure.

Oh! We are seriously considering getting a blood python. Bloodpython.com's Sumatran black bloods are really enticing us ;) So we'll see how that goes. They don't need as much heat as balls so our setup now is perfect. We may even get into breeding them someday, who knows. Stay tuned for some pictures if we get one
Finally found a new photo spot! I love photography so this makes me excited :) Still gotta work out some kinks like what time of day to shoot, white balance, ect. Other than that I think it's pretty good. Feedback is always welcome and expected!
After some thought we finally decided to create our own website! Aaron and I are so excited to expand our business that much further. Kelly has eggs in the 'bator for us and our two black backs and normal have all been suspected to ovulate. We have two normal girls we just got in quarantine. Once they are out and healthy we should be throwing some males at them. Ahh ya gotta love ball pythons! :)